Esztergom is more than a day trip

There are few places in the country where you can enjoy a world of water opportunities, while – through 16-meter glass walls – you can admire the place where the founder of our state was once born and then baptized. Futuristic structure, 11 pools, slides, roller coasters, themed saunas, hammam, medical department: all of them were created so that not only children but also adults should leave the spa with pleasant fatigue after a day spent here.

The bridge connecting Esztergom and Párkány (Sturovo) bears the name of the “only” child Mária Valéria. It is a real speciality with its 5 spans and 517 m length, together with the former customs house at its base. The bridge between the two countries offers an impressive sight every time of the day, but if you walk over it in the evening, in its decorative lighting, you will experience a breathtaking sight. The promenade next to it offers many programs for everyone.

A park where walking is only one option. Along the bike path that crosses it you can cycle along the waterfront. Lying down on the grass you can admire the unique attractions of the Water Town, you can soak up the history and, if you feel like, you can believe in the legend about the “Healing Stone Heads”. These are hidden in a stone fence and are said to have magical powers, but they can also be “just some” creations of an old Italian sculptor, meant to be given a more worthy place.

The main square of Esztergom was once the marketplace of the medieval and then the baroque town. Nowadays it hosts, among other things, concerts, holiday fairs and cozy pubs. Its classicist, romantic and baroque buildings were built by the richest merchants of the city. Almost every house has its own (hi)story. The town hall, which originally belonged to János Bottyán, the ”bilnd general” of the Rákóczi freedom fight and used to be single-storey, has been and is continuously the longest-serving town hall building in Hungary since 1723.

“Do watch – don’t touch” as the Hungarian saying goes. But not here. If you visit here, we guarantee you won’t want to leave this place even after closing time. Model ships, interactive games, videos, sluice, pump, water wheel, whirlpool, minicinema  – these are some of the countless exhibits that this museum offers.

The hill was named after the “holy diplomat” Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. On the top you can sit next to a small chapel and admire the view of the city. As you go up, you will pass the largest sundial in the country, whose Latin inscriptions deserve special attention: On the upper part it says: NIHIL EGO SINE SOLE – ”I am nothing without the Sun”, and below: NIHIL TU SINE DEO – “You are nothing without God”.

This place is perhaps the dearest to our hearts. Why? When we were creating the interior design of our guest rooms and apartments, an unavoidable source of inspiration was the monumental sight that dominates and at the same time crowns the capital of the Danube Bend. In addition, you can find numerous ammonites on the red marble steps, which can also be found in our logo.

A great place to go for a hike. It is located in the Visegrád Mountains and is 404 meters high thus you can overlook the entire city, the mouth of the river Garam as well as the Danube Bend from the top of the hill. Apart from a moderately difficult walking tour, the rest-house and restaurant at the top can also be reached by car. There is also a life-size statue of the Virgin Mary located 50 meters away, watching over this Árpád-era capital like a mother caring for her child.

Exciting activities in and around the city

Every weekend from spring to late autumn you have the opportunity to explore the city and the surrounding nature on two wheels. A ride on a powerful, durable scooter will be an exceptional experience. As a hotel guest you can take advantage of this programme at a discount, if you are interested please let us know in time!

During the summer months, discover our city by rocking on the Danube. Experienced guides will help you master the beauty of this beautiful sport. There is only one condition: good swimming skills! If you like easy relaxation and you’re not afraid to try a new form of exercise, get on board! As a hotel guest you can take advantage of this programme at a discount, if you are interested please let us know in time!

Three floors below ground you can race in Esztergom. As a guest of the hotel, you can enjoy this fun and sporty facility with many safety features at a discount. If you are interested in the programme, please let us know in time!


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